Omen’s been setting things straight.
Since the late 90′s, Omen has been blurring the boundaries between graffiti and street art with his singular style of painting, both on and off the streets. Using spray cans as his primary medium, he has been leading the aerosol movement towards a truce with the established art world.
Omen’s style is immediately recognizable, often cast in stark black and white his murals and canvases have a haunted quality about them. His use of negative space and ephemeral but controlled lines allows one to enter his paintings in a way that few street artists offer their viewers. Over the last decade the aerosol medium has exploded into the mainstream. No other medium has met with such resistance in its quest to be accepted as a valid form of expression. At no other time in history has there been a movement rallying around a medium. Acrylics, tempera, oil paints – none of these have brought artists together like aerosol. Aerosol is a medium like any other; valid and there as a vehicle to express oneself, whether that be through realism, expressionism, cubism, or whatever the artist chooses. He says, “as long as I’m painting with aerosol I hope that I can inspire a younger generation of artists to use the medium to push artistic boundaries and express themselves.”